Covid-19 Update

The Oregon State Governor has announced that all Acupuncture services are now available.

We are taking strict precautions to ensure your well being.

We are still available via remote consultations to educate, empower, and support those who are experiencing physical, emotional, and spiritual disharmony.  We are here to help you find balance, grounding, and clarity in this time of transformation.

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Wishing you ease and good health. Please call (503)-877-2210 to schedule.

Welcome to Yin Spring Acupuncture and Wellness,

a full-service Chinese Medicine clinic specializing in women’s health, located in Salem, Oregon.

At our Salem, Oregon acupuncture clinic, we address a variety of health issues including pain, anxiety, menstrual conditions, and any physical or emotional challenges that just make it hard to feel like yourself.

Our lives today contain an incredible amount of stress and pressure. Our bodies have to cope with toxins from our environment and food. We’re overworked and overstimulated. All of this takes a toll on the body and the spirit.

A lot of our patients say they’re exhausted and stressed. They’ve tried various treatments but haven’t gotten relief. Often they’ve come to Chinese Medicine as a last resort.

Whether you’re new to Chinese Medicine or not, our intention is to help you discover a path to a real sense of health and vitality and a reconnection with who you most want to be.

No matter what stage of life or health you’re at, we will meet you where you are and help you find the best treatments and approaches for you. Click here to request a free consultation or find out more.

A Wholistic Approach

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses a rich theoretical framework to create a complete understanding of your health and everything affecting it. Treatment plans consider your physical environment, emotions, food choices, physical activity, health history and more. Have your questions answered here. ..more  ..less

More Than Acupuncture

A lot of people think of acupuncture as the primary tool, but for many conditions, herbal remedies or bodywork can be more effective. Chinese Medicine includes an array of treatment methods, each with its own benefits. And beyond treatment, your choices around food, exercise, and other daily habits also become an important part of your wellness plan. Find out about our services here. ..more  ..less

Your Partner In Health

Chinese Medicine is all about observing, understanding, and influencing the natural process of change which underlies all of existence. Studying it has been an amazing catalyst of change in my own life..You can get to know me by clicking here. ..more  ..less

“I started consultations with Kulsoom Kishwar after struggling with fatigue and chronic pain for over a year. I have chronic PTSD and I have been seeing a therapist and psychiatrist for it.
I was having a very difficult time getting out of bed in the morning and doing all the things I needed to do through the day. I spoke to Kulsoom and told her about my fatigue and she understood my goals and what I hoped to achieve from the consultation. Next we set up an appointment for the initial in take and I filled up a few forms to help her have a better picture of my health.
I loved that when we spoke she had gone through everything and was able to understand my needs. It was refreshing to be able to speak to a practitioner who was in no hurry and gave me ample time to talk about my issues. I felt comfortable and at ease talking to her due to her mannerism. I felt safe in her care and she was very empathetic to my concerns and needs. She put me on a supplemental regime and made some diet and exercise suggestions. I started implementing them and over the course of a month my health and my energy level has improved considerably. I highly recommend Kulsoom she will be invested in your health if you choose to have her on your healthcare team.”


“Kulsoom is an extraordinary healer and a compassionate listener.  She applies just the right treatment for any condition because she is completely present and aware. She treats physical ailments and the underlying emotional or lifestyle imbalances that may contribute to them.  Her gentle treatments are powerful and effective.
If you are not receiving the TLC you’d like from your Western medical doctors, give Kulsoom a try. Her treatments complement conventional therapies and give you a more complete and deeper experience of healing.
Kulsoom has helped me to heal and she’s continuing to support me as I work to stay heathy.  If you are looking for an intuitive, kind, and trustworthy acupuncturist, look no further. I trust her so much, I recommended her to my daughter.  My daughter was also amazed by how much help she received just during the initial 90 minute appointment.  
Kulsoom is a real treasure and we are very fortunate that she’s set up her practice here in Salem, Oregon!”


“Kulsoom is professional, compassionate and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her and consider her practice one of the best in Salem. She has helped me considerably with chronic issues that western medicine could not alleviate. Her compassionate care is nothing short of extraordinary.”


“I began seeing Kulsoom for general health and some back issues. She recommended some lab work and supplementation, and provided powerful and intuitive bodywork, cupping, and acupuncture. I followed her advice, and found that I felt so wonderful and balanced after seeing her that I wanted to keep feeling that way! I now see her regularly and consider her to be a valuable ally in my health journey. Kulsoom’s guidance has helped me implement positive health changes which have me feeling better than I have in a long time.
I started bringing my teenagers to see Kulsoom as well, and they love their sessions with her. My daughter always looks blissed out after seeing Kulsoom, and my son, who tends to have a lot of neck and back tension, always feels so much better after seeing her. We couldn’t recommend Kulsoom’s treatments more highly, and encourage you to do yourself the favor of booking an appointment with her.”


“I see Kulsoom regularly, and she also treats my teenager daughters.
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years ago.  At about the same time, I was shuffled from GI doctors to ENTs to try to fix a chronic, long-term choking feeling. In both cases, the doctors eventually said they couldn’t do anything more for me.

I was in such physical discomfort that I couldn’t sit still for 30 minutes.  I could barely last through an acupuncture session.  I couldn’t sleep. Kulsoom taught me breathing and relaxation techniques; between that and the pain relief, after a few sessions, I was able to go to sleep quickly at night. I sleep better when I see her regularly.  I have less tension and pain in my back and neck.

She has also been able to help both me and my daughters with customized supplements.  As soon as I mentioned my chronic choking to her, she nodded, named the sensation, and recommended an herb combo; I stopped choking on day 2 of taking it.  Her herbal prescriptions helped regulated one daughter’s appetite.  One of my daughters self-reported after a five-day trial of herbal tea, “I want to continue — it helps my anxiety.”  My youngest asks to go see her when she twists an ankle or has a cold, because she knows Kulsoom can help.  (And Kulsoom was patient enough to overcome her fear of needles!)

I trust Kulsoom implicitly.  She has done more for my health than decades of visits to doctors, and she does it all with a spirit-nourishing gentleness.  I recommend her unreservedly.”


“Kulsoom is absolutely magical. I was nervous to give acupuncture a try, but Kulsoom was very welcoming and open. She was clear and thoughtful in her questions and really went out of her way to make me feel comfortable.
The acupuncture itself was a fantastic blend of standard practice with bodywork. She also added on cupping with my permission which opened up a lot of blockages I had.
I felt completely rejuvenated after my treatment, and I am looking forward to returning to see her when I am back from New York.”


“My experience at Yin Spring Acupuncture and Wellness has so far been wonderful! I am currently a patient and my 12 year old daughter is as well.
Beginning with the in depth new patient questionnaire all the way through the end of each appointment, Kulsoom takes the time to see health concerns from a whole person perspective. Additionally, she is able to answer my questions in a very simple and direct way. Her ability to explain the approach to healing from the Chinese Medicine viewpoint allows me to learn about her reasons for recommended treatment plans as well as to be a part of my own healing process. Being informed about my health care, as well as being an advocate for myself and others, is very important to me. Kulsoom not only makes room for me to decide what I think is best for my body but encourages that relationship of listening to and trusting in one’s self.
She is very professional and I find it easy to open up to her regarding the conditions for which I am seeking assistance. Additionally, I find her honesty about what she is able to work on with me and what issues may benefit the expertise of another care provider to be refreshing and unique. She is genuinely interested in the well being of her patients and in sharing her knowledge and abilities in the most beneficial way.
While she does not accept health insurance, her prices are more than reasonable for the breadth of care she gives. I opted for the 5 appointment package and am looking forward to each and every one! The online system for appointment making, paperwork, and messaging is quite convenient to use also.
If you are someone who has recently been referred to inquire about acupuncture and Chinese Medicine as a means to improved health, or if you have experience in this realm though are looking for a new practitioner in the Salem area, I highly recommend reaching out to Kulsoom.”